Human quality machine translation solution

We are pleased to show you more details on how we usually work with translation companies. The extended version of the text below can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link Ta with you: human quality machine translation platform.

Overview of Ta with you

Ta with you is a technological company founded in 2006 that provides almost human quality machine translation solutions for particular domains (e.g. medical, pharma, bank, IT, automotive, legal, etc) and any language pair. Awarded by a number of national and international prizes such as the Top Innovator at the Mobile Asia Congress or the Techcrunch 50 (semi-finalists), as well as the Red Herring Europe 2009, our statistical machine translation solutions have been deployed in a wide range of applications such as the translation of the communication between a doctor and a patient, pharma, news, IT products, patents, and banking websites, among others.

The solution in brief

Our solution is a machine translation platform that offers an almost human translation quality for the desired languages, among others Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese, German, or Italian. Our products are usually delivered as a Software as a Service, although other options are possible as well.

It allows the client to obtain the following benefits while keeping the overall quality of the translations constant:
1. Cost reduction of more than 40% in average.
2. Shortening of the delivery times.
3. Productivity increase.
4. On demand availability (24×7) and full scalability.


The technology is based on statistical machine translation systems that maximize the probability of obtaining a correct translation. Therefore, in order to build a new translator for a new domain and language pair, there is no need to invest a high amount of time and money, specially in professional linguists and translators, but everything comes out from the solution of maximum a posteriori mathematical problems.

In summary, the main features are:
- Rapid language pair and domain adaptation and training.
- Statistical training and processing.
- SaaS architecture.
- Continuous quality improvements based on new translated text.
- Adaptation to any format of training data and new translations.

Competitive advantage

Our three main differentation (and added-value) points are:
1. Patent-pending technology for domain adaptation and continuous accuracy increase.
2. Quality in the adaptation to the needs of the client (i.e. selected domain and language pair) as well as the integration within the company workflow.
3. Price vs. quality ratio for the major world languages.

Project overview

The first step to deploy this solution is a dedicated project for the translation between a pair of languages in the domain desired by the client. The initial system will be carried out at the Ta with you premises.

The client shall provide Ta with you with bilingual translation memories or translated documents for the domain, in any format (although txt, html, xml, or tmx files are preferred).


The project is divided into phases, the duration of which might vary depending on the data provided by the client. In any case, the average duration of the turnkey pilot is 1 month from the reception of the client data by Ta with you.

After the inital month necessary for the project, several business models are possible depending on the needs of the customers:
1. Monthly scaled flat rate depending on volume.
2. Price per word.

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